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Pack Light and do Fashion Right: "Your Go To Fashion Travel Guide"

Easy tips to packing light with all your essential looks when traveling

We all want to look our best when we are traveling, right? Finding the right stuff to bring with you can be a pain but Tolerence is here to help you pack light and stay stylish for your travel. Only pack for what you need-- below are some tips to help you do that:

Key Points:

  • Pack lite: Don't overpack/overthink

  • Minimalistic: Keep it simple & Clean

  • ACCESSORIZE: Don't be afraid of a little bling

Pack Lite: Don't overpack!

Aside from the necessities (socks, underwear, and toiletry stuff) the only things you'll need are two Tolerence Tees, one basic tee, a pair of jeans, joggers, and a lightweight jacket

[insert reference images]

Minimalistic: Keep it simple

Keeping a simple theme for your packing will make things so much easier. Keep the color themes neutral and everything else will fall into place. I always like to pack a Tolerence Denim jacket (black) which will look good dressed up and dressed down


Don't be afraid of a little bling! Along with having the dopest kicks, you can't forget about the accessories. A pair of nice glasses, a necklace or two, and a bracelet will go a long way. Many of the outfits I put together wouldn't look the same with out my funky glasses and big Cuban chain! Don't go cheap either unless you plan on having a plethora of selections. If you spend the money on good quality accessories, you can pair them with just about any outfit

To shop the latest Tolerence pieces, head to the Shop Now link here!

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