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Terrence T (aka Tolerence)

Terrence T (aka Tolerence)

Terrence T (aka Tolerence)

Terrence T (aka Tolerence)

Terrence T (aka Tolerence)


Hello! I am the owner and designer of Tolerence Clothing based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I started Tolerence as an artist name that grew into an entire brand. This brand embodies everything including Fashion, Art, & Music. Whether it be the latest fashion line drop or a live show, Tolerence is involved in it all! In 2020, I took my brand to the next level and created the Tolerence Cacteye Design. With this newly created image, I solidified Tolerence as a Fashion brand specializing in Men’s Fashion. From then on, Tolerence has grown into what it is today.

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Tolerence Clothing

Tolerence Clothing is a Men’s streetwear fashion brand that focus’s on sleek and vibrant pieces. We focus on using the highest of quality garments. Tolerence is known for its’ bold and poppy designs on upscale materials. Our main products are luxury fashion tees but have since made more custom pieces like denim jackets, hats, bags and other accessories. As our fanbase grows, so does Tolerence- So thank you for your support!


The Brand Story

In 2014, I started making music with friends in my hometown. This is where I first used the name Tolerence. A friend of mine had given me the name as my artist name. From then on, I used that name on everything I did creatively. I would use the name on music I released and paintings/art I’ve done. And during this journey, particularly my art journey, I created the first Tolerence “Logo” which was my take of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the “All Seeing Eye” in an Arizona desert. One of the first paintings I did of the logo was full of bright poppy colors showcasing a large yellow pyramid next to cacti with bright pink sand under it and a distinctive moon over it all.


2015 Logo


2017 Logo


2020 Logo

Time after time I recreated that painting in different variations. One day, I went to a friends house at the time in Tempe, Arizona that had experience with screen printing and making shirts. Right then and there I grabbed a white piece of paper and a sharpie and drew out what turned to be the first design I used to start the Tolerence Clothing brand. With no edit to the drawing, I gave my design to my friend and we got to work on making the first drop. From then on, Tolerence not only grew as a brand but as an artist. I was one of the only music artists that had their own branding and logo around me. And I used that to my advantage. That first logo helped me reach so many people. Overtime, as the Tolerence brand grew, I’ve changed the logo a few times like any growing business. I wanted to get back to my original painting that was very vibrant and created the colored logo that Tolerence used up until 2019.

In 2020, I created the latest logo and design I called the “Tolerence Cacteye”. I embodied everything I started with and merge it into one singular powerful logo that was unlike anything else I have seen. From there I started dominated the branding side of my business with bold artistic designs. This was the first logo that I actually got trademarked through the state of Arizona along with a US Patent. I started getting into local stores and even opened up a store front for about 2 years in the middle of downtown where I grew my network. Since then Tolerence has came out with many ideas and products all using the Cacteye designs. As of 2022, Tolerence has had private fashion shows, social gatherings, live shows with performing artists, and brand collaborations.

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